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TMJ Treatment for Head & Neck Pain Relief

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is where the lower jaw meets the skull. It is located just in front of the ear lobe. Temporomandibular disorders (TMD) are a group of maladies used to diagnose pain in the lower or upper jaw and/or neck. This pain is often related to stress and often occurs in the absence of other possible dental sources of pain. The diagnosis is confirmed by temporarily changing the patient's bite. To do this the patient bites on a custom-formed piece of plastic placed between the teeth. The plastic piece is called a splint, bite jig, or Lucia jig. If the patient's pain is alleviated by this then a tentative diagnosis of TMD is often appropriate.

Dr. Sefranek places a special emphasis on the economical relief of head and neck pain through a careful analysis of the patient's bite. If the teeth interfere with each other during rest or chewing, this can cause muscle cramping (charley horse) in the muscles of the jaw, popping and clicking in the jaw joints. The treatment is painless and very effective over 90% of the time. Our treatment is non-surgical. We help patients avoid surgery. If you suffer from these or similar symptoms and /or if you have had TMJ surgery recommended please contact us at (508) 379-0900.

Meet W. H. R. and his satisfied smile

Do you have unexplained pain in your mouth, jaw or the side of your head? Dr. H. Michael Sefranek of Barrington Family Dental may be able to help.

"In the late sixties or early seventies, when we lived in Connecticut, I frequently had terrific pain on the right side of my face," says Richardson. His dentist diagnosed him with TMD, and began treatment."

"Eventually, I would remain pain free for months at a time, but stress and the wearing down of my teeth periodically brought the TMJ back," writes Richardson. Prior to being properly diagnosed, he had a tooth pulled and was told he might have "Tic Doloreaux"; "Removing some nerves in the area" might help."

"I had cause for concern in the early nineties when my dentist announced he was going to retire and turn his practice over to a younger dentist, Dr. Sefranek. How would I get my TMJ adjusted now? Most of the dentists I knew didn't have any idea of how to adjust it."

"I shouldn't have feared, because his new replacement was H. Michael Sefranek, who was not only skilled in TMJ, but did wonderful onlays and crowns. He replaced most of my fillings and replaced several worn molars with new crowns. My TMJ was a thing of the past and my mouth hadn't felt so good in years."

"I enjoyed almost ten years of Dr. Sefranek's dental care while he was located in Manchester, where he had relocated to a new office and established a thriving practice. In the late nineties Dr. Sefranek moved to Rhode Island."

"My new dentist in Connecticut was pleasant, but seemed to lack the skill and technique I had experienced with Dr. Sefranek. I suppose he did a satisfactory job of maintaining my teeth, but something seemed to be missing."

"Seven years ago, my wife and I decided to return to our home town of Taunton, Massachusetts.
Soon after settling in, I went on the Internet and searched for Dr. Sefranek, as I knew he was located somewhere in the area. I made an appointment at his Barrington Family Dental office and had my teeth cleaned several days later."

"Since then, I have had a new crown and my teeth cleaned regularly. It feels good to be back under the care of Dr. Sefranek. Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD) refers to pain in the temporo mandibular joint (TMJ), which is where the jaw hinges open and closed. Call Barrington Family Dental today to schedule an examination and cleaning, and remember Healthy Smiles Last a Lifetime!®" ~ W. H. R.

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