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Swansea, MA Patient Reviews - Testimonials

Cosmetic Dentist Swansea MA

"I have been a patient of Dr. Sefranek for 11 years. We have done much work together and I have been happy with all of it. I love my new smile. If I had know it would look this good, I would have done it much earlier." ~ A. R. Case details

Patient Testimonials - Braces

"I was always very self conscious about my bucky teeth. The doctor explained everything to me and always took the time to give me the best care possible. I love my new smile, it was definitely worth getting the braces!" ~ B.K. Case details

Patient Testimonials - Bridge

"I love my new teeth. I can't believe the difference its made in my professional life. Now I can smile with confidence." ~ P.S. Case details

Patient Testimonials

J. F. drives from Connecticut to keep her appointments with Dr. Sefranek.

There’s a rule of thumb about dentists that most of us understand very well. When you find a good one, hang onto him (or her) -- even it if means a long drive for appointments. Patient J. F. has no qualms about a long commute to see her long time dentist, Dr. H. Michael Sefranek of Barrington Family Dental. Here are her reasons in her own words:

“My experience with Dr. H. Michael Sefranek as my dental caregiver dates back to 1991, at which time he was working with Dr. Courtney Simpson, preparatory to taking over Dr. Simpson's practice (in Manchester, Connecticut)."

Over the more than twenty years since then, Dr. Sefranek has done virtually every possible type of dental work on my teeth, which were not in the best shape. These procedures have run the gamut from regular x-rays, frequent prophylaxis, simple amalgam fillings, periodontics, root canals, orthodontics, crowns, implants, and broken tooth and crown repair."

“I have always felt that Dr. Sefranek brought, and continues to bring, the highest technical standards and personal knowledge of his craft, due in part to his continuing participation in on-going seminars, clinics, and his constant pursuit for excellence in his chosen profession. I feel I could not have been in better hands over these many years. In fact, I have thought so highly of Dr. Sefranek's skill and expertise that I am more than willing to travel from Connecticut to Rhode Island where he now practices for my appointments.” Case details

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